(Revised 02-10-00)


Okinawa – is the main island in a chain of islands referred to as the Ru Kyu Islands. The Ru Kyu Islands run from Japan downward toward Taiwan in a crescent shape. Since Taiwan is a large island off the cost of China, trading ships could follow the islands all the way from China to Japan.

Uechi Ryu – The Uechi school of Karate Do. This karate school is a famous in Okinawa and has taught Chinese Kempo for three generations. The Uechi family names means heaven and earth, so the name could be translated as the heaven and earth school.

Pai Gai Noon – Half hard soft style, the original name of the Kung Fu style that Kanbun Uechi brought back from China. For many years Kanbun Uechi referred to his style as Pai Gai Noon Kempo.

Karate Do – The way of the empty hand or the way of using your hands as weapons. This name came from the older name of To-Te which meant Chinese hand. It was later changed to empty hand when the art was introduced to Japan because the Japanese didn’t care for the Chinese peoples.

Kung Fu – Chinese term meaning "time & energy" which is used to refer to Chinese boxing styles.

Chuan Fa – "Way of the fist", also used to refer to Chinese boxing styles. It is translated into Japanese as Kempo.

Wu Shu – Chinese general term for martial arts. Wu is similar to the Japanese word Bu which is used in words like Bushido, the way of the warrior, and Bushi, a warrior or samarai.

Kempo – The Japanese term for Chuan Fa or Kung Fu.

To Te – Another name for Chinese Kung Fu meaning Chinese hand, more leterailly the hand of the To or the hand of the Tang Dynasty.

Tzu Ho Cho – he was Kanbun Uechi’s Kung Fu teacher in China. His name is pronouced as Shiwa Sho in the Japanese language. (Generally in the orient the last name would be pronouced first, such as Cho, Tzu Ho or Sho, Shiwa).

Kanbun Uechi – The Okinawan student that went to China to learn Kung Fu and brought Pai Gai Noon Kempo back to Okinawa and later introduced it into Japan. He later renamed the style Pai Gai Noon Karate-Do.

Kamei Uechi – Kanbun Uechi’s son and founder of Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do. He renamed Pai Gai Noon Karate-Do to Uechi-Ryu after his father died in 1948.

Kanmei Uechi – the current grand master of The Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association and the grandson of Kanbun Uechi.

Other important concepts:

Ni sente nashi – there is no first attack.

Kobudo – the Okinawan weapons art, literally the way of the ancient warriors.

Matayoshi Ryu – The Matayoshi School, a famous kobudo or Okinawan weapons school.