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Yip Man

Kan Ming Ho
Sifu Ho was of the second generation of Yip Man's students.
He spent his life as a student of Wing Chun and was one of the few men to complete the entire system under Yip Man.


Augustine Fong
Sifu Fong or Augustine Fong was born on the island of Macao, off the coast of southern China.
His instructor was the honorable Wing Chun master, Ho Kam Ming. Master Ho, a top student of the late grand master Yip Man, had, at that time, introduced the style to the Macao area. Augustine Fong, without a second thought, became one of his first students.
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Randy Williams

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Herbert Maier and Sigung J. Wang Kiu
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William Cheung

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Shun Leung Wong

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Michael Wong

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